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Lori H. of Logan, UT

"They are the best carpet cleaners! We use them every time we need to get our carpets cleaned for our business. Keep up the great work!!"

- Lori H. of Logan, UT

Rhonda R. of North Logan, UT

"My dog was sick on Mon. while I was @ work. It made a horrible mess on my carpet. I was afraid that it would stain. I think they are miracle workers!"

- Rhonda R. of North Logan, UT

Betty H. of Logan, UT

" Heaven's Best is the only company we would use."

- Betty H. of Logan, UT


Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning - Brigham City, Tremonton

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Welcome to Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning for Brigham City, UT and Tremonton, UT. In other words, we serve all of Box Elder County, UT.

There are many services that we provide, including carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, stain removal, minor pet treatment, and more!

The most unique part of our cleaning process is the fast drying time. The carpet can usually be dry in just one hour after we're done cleaning. Of course different conditions determine how quickly the carpets will dry, such as the level of dirtiness, the temperature, and more, but the carpet will definitely be drier, quicker, than most other carpet cleaners. This will allow you to get back to your day sooner without having wet socks for days!

Let me explain our carpet cleaning process.

First: We talk with you about the different areas that you would like cleaned. This is when we'll discuss the spots that you're concerned about, allowing us to make sure to focus more on those troubled areas.

After walking through your home with you, we start vacuuming. This allows us to get any dry dirt particles out of the carpet before getting the carpets wet. If you have pets, we may need to vacuum each area more than once. As part of the vacuuming, we use a smaller, portable vacuum to get closer to the edges, getting the dust and dirt that our larger vacuum just can't reach.

Third: During vacuuming, we sometimes discover other spots that were harder to see by just walking through the house. We'll discuss these with you if we feel they may not come out or if they are specific spots, like red stains.

To begin cleaning, we will sometimes pre-treat specific spots and traffic areas. This all depends on level dirtiness.

Once the pre-spotter has had a chance to work, we then spray the carpet with our cleaning solution. This, along with the pre-spray, breaks down the dirt and grime. Now it's time for cleaning.

Six: The process for actually cleaning the carpet is called a modified bonnet system. Was this process includes, is a large 17 inch clothe type pad and a large floor buffing machine. The buffer sits on top of the pad and rotates that pad. As the pad rotates, it is scrubbing the carpet clean. The moisture and dirt gets pulled out of the carpet and drawn into the pad. If the carpet is dirtier, several pads are used, along with more cleaner, to break down that dirt and pull it out of the carpet.

Once the carpet has been throughly cleaned, we rake the carpet fibers to help them stand back up and to check for stubborn spots that we'll use a towel and our spotter solution to clean out.

Eight: With every job we discuss with you the benefits of having a fabric protector applied to the carpet. If you have chosen to have us apply the fabric protector, we then apply it. The fabric protector, as it dries, will create a protective layer around each fiber of carpet. This allows for small spills to be cleaned out easier and for the dirt that will gradually accumulate as you walk on your carpet, to not attach to the carpet, but rather get bonded to the fabric protector. This will then allow for the next time your carpets are cleaned by us, to clean up nicer.

Now it's time for the carpet to dry, and once it has, you get to enjoy clean, fresh carpet a lot sooner than you could imagine!

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